Miranda Wilson


A young woman in her late twenties, with dark wavy hair and green eyes, and a softspoken and solemn demeanor.


Miranda was a student at Riverside College up until last summer, when she disappeared from the nature trail where she was hiking. Old Mr. Barnaby, a retired police officer, found her while he was out walking his dog: she was wandering around the old hospital grounds with no recollection as to how she got there, where she was, or really anything else other than her name.

Miranda declined to enroll for a fall semester schedule, citing continuing recovery from what was an apparent fugue state. Instead she got a job working at the public library as a page in the reference section. She is unobtrusive, somewhat timid, but extremely knowledgeable and helpful after a few months in the library, and has an eidetic recall for most of the things she’s read.

Miranda Wilson

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