Willow Martin


Willow Martin is the owner and operator of Forbidden Fruit. She is a friendly, eccentric woman in her early sixties, with faded blue eyes and long straight blonde hair that’s silvered at the temples. She has enough of a baby face to make her look five years younger, and skin that has never seen makeup has retained much of its elasticity. It gives the impression of someone still young at heart, who is aging quite gracefully, and there is an almost otherworldly dreaminess in her movements and speech.


Willow is a flower child who never quite left the era and still dresses the part, complete with brightly patterned bell bottoms and beaded headbands. It’s not uncommon to walk into her shop and hear Led Zeppelin or the Beatles, or Hendrix, playing on the cheap CD player behind the sales counter. However, despite her quirks, she’s an efficient saleswoman who knows her product well, and always seems to know just what a customer wants without asking.

Willow Martin

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